General information

1. Students are required to be regular and punctual to their classes.

2. Perfect order and silence should be maintained in the class room during working hours.

3. Students should wear clean and neat Uniform along with Identity card with proper foot wear (Black Shoes)

4. Students should not loiter about in the verandah or open space during class hours and should not gather in groups in front of the lecture halls and other places thereby causing inconvenience to others.

5. No students shall leave the class room without the permission of the concerned teacher or till the class is dispersed.

6. Students should be careful in dealing with the properties of the Institution and if any damage is done to them, then the cost of the properties together with fine will be recovered from them.

7. No students should putup any notice within the Polytechnic premises without the prior approval of the Principal.

8. Every student should have the courteous habit of greeting the teachers when they meet them for the first time during the day in the institution.

9. When a teacher enters or leaves the class room the students shall rise and keep standing until the teacher takes his seat or leaves the room.

10. Attendance is compulsory, especially for tests and Board Examinations. When a student wants to take leave, he / she must give the leave letter to the class teacher beforehand either directly or through the class representative. Leave taken without prior intimation will be viewed seriously.

11. If a student is continuously absent for more than one month, his / her name will be removed from the rolls.

12. Any student who infringes on any of the rules and regulations of the College shall be deemed to have committed breach of discipline and the Principal may inflict suitable punishment by way of fine or cancelling of attendance, or refusal to issue attendance certificate and conduct certificate or expulsion from the Polytechnic.

13. Even if a student fulfils all eligibility condition to appear for Examination his / her behaviour and character shall be the criteria for admitting him / her for Examination.

14. Students are not allowed to use Mobile Phone inside the campus.

15. Foot board travel in Buses is punishable